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CC Forum – Gulf Edition – Advances a Bright Green Future With Dramatic Innovation Across Multiple Sectors

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For Immediate Release – March  31, 2022 , Draft Not for Circulation

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Description automatically generated By Cristiane Roget Sr. Correspondent – AdAvenueGroup.con /Forbes France 

Contributor Shelby Knick, Forbes Correspondent & Photographer

Manama, Bahrain. The 7th Annual CC (Climate Change) Forum (, known to be referred to by some as “green Davos” – Middle East Edition, ‘Investment in Sustainable Development’ unfurled March 21-24, 2022 against a backdrop where policy makers are mounting a disjointed approach to rampant global inflation, an unprecedented four million Ukrainian refugees are fleeing the brutality of a Russian invasion and a lingering pandemic has 470,783,178 Coronavirus cases and an estimated 7 million fatalities confirms sources at John Hopkins University.  Unvetted factoids charade as facts and are filtered through the prism of our own prejudices, is it any surprise the public is confused, bewildered and fearful at this time?  

Delegates of this CC Forum – Investment in Sustainable Development took a brief leave last week from social strife and political tumult to explore, invest and ameliorate a totality of transformative solutions for what ails our fragile planet.  

The common refrain throughout the proceedings was, “Collectively we are navigating the challenges that face us all as we attempt to strike a balance between centralized leadership and local autonomy.  We embrace an unwavering belief that the Mobius Strip will become unhinged, heralding a positive and sustainable future. We will overcome,” insists elder statesman Holmes Stoner, Founder of Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce (, Green Alliance International, and Ecodomika, a premanufactured – site built housing solution in association with Co-Modeco. 

Key sponsors lending their support to the ground-breaking Bahrain edition, included WALLEX BANK, ALBA, NOVA Wallet, GCAP, Tree Of Life Holding, WASKITA, World Women Leading Change, World Mobile, LEAP, Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce, Ecoflix, Terreus Capital, Rotary, Let’s Disrupt Digital, Banxe, Bahrain Nights, Chase Rainwater, among others.

Max Studennikoff, the visionary entrepreneur and Founder of the tri-annual gathering affirms participants arrived from every compass point to convene in the luxuriously appointed Wyndham Grand Manama, Four Seasons Bahrain Bay, and Ritz-Carlton Bahrain hotels in Manama, Bahrain.  A true believer in the power of private wealth over protracted policy making; “We converge to navigate a momentous agenda with achievable goals”, opined Mr. Studennikoff, whose sartorial style could land him on a cover of GQ or Vogue Homme, and whose vision is to “collectively unite our efforts to advance significant long-term achievements – curbing climate change, ensuring peace, social security and sustainable economic futures for all.” The CC Forum integrates the United Nations 17 SDG Goals into the heart of the ad hoc coalitions’ strategies”.   

This iteration of the Forum convened in the peaceful country of Bahrain, a sun-soaked and sandy metropolis of colorful souks, sandy expanses, and futuristic skyscrapers featuring wind turbines, solar panels, and all manner of environmental innovations. Ancient scribes described the nation as the place, ‘where the sun rises’,” according to Shawn Yaz, Director of Digital Information at the Wyndham Grand Manama. Ziad Soboh, Duty Manager, said “We were delighted and privileged to host many of the CC Forum delegates”.  

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence The CC Forum was held under the auspices and with support of the Bahrain Economic Development Board chaired by HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain. In sharp contrast with the COP26 Summit 2021 in Glasgow which had 30,000 attendees; the CC Forum unites an intimate gathering of royals, heads of state, family businesses, environmental innovators, prescient economists, top tier NGO’s and top-level dignitaries.  Climate crusader Julian Lennon, animal activist Dame Jane Goodall and Placido Domingo have joined next-generation innovators, startups, and scientists with ambitious commitments to create a socially just and more verdant planet.  The previous editions of CC Forum have included the one in Monaco under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco in 2020 and in London which received a royal greeting by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

“The words ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ originated in the 80’s as an obscure reference describing, ‘an increase in earth’s average temperature due to man-made greenhouse gas, CO-2 and black carbon emissions, that is exacerbated by obscene consumerism,” confirmed Dr.  Sultan Alsultan, an MIT alumni and CEP Founder of TECRS, an environmental consultancy.

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Description automatically generated Presidential candidate, Al Gore in his best-selling book, An Uncommon Truth, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary ‘Climate Refugees’, currently in pre-production, directed by Michael Nash, and the passionate, child-activist Greta Thunberg all have added the reference into their lexicon of dire warnings; today ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ are as ubiquitous as a kid’s fascination with ‘death by asteroid’ or the fate of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But unlike meteors, dinosaurs, those espousing a doomsday scenario or climate change deniers; delegates to the CC Forum comprise the “savviest of investors, top-tier academicians, scientists, and founders of the brightest start-ups who are surprisingly upbeat and optimistic.  “We are undaunted by the peril of mass extinction or the specter of a decimated planet!” insists Dr. Rand Neveloff,  JD, MBA , PHD and Partner at Titan Global, who moderated several panels at the informative Forum.

“Profitability and Sustainability are not mutually exclusive,” insists Dr. Neveloff’s associate Ted Waz, CEO of IGV.  The integration of Federated AI, IOT, Blockchain, and Nano Satellite technologies are now deployed to meet Climate Change, Economic, Ecological and Social Justice challenges. Access to potable water is a national and international economic and security crisis,“ confirms Waz. “Genesis Systems (Florida, USA) has launched the most advanced, ground-breaking, water vapor capture technology ever. The technology, unlike desalinization, is capable of economically and ecologically meeting and exceeding the needs of planetary water consumption and agricultural needs. 

In association with Dr. Karen Sumser Lupson, Waz hinted that “at the Los Angeles edition of CC Forum, slated for October 2022 a new ultra-secure PPP-IG economy will be revealed that will dramatically reduce plastic waste in our Oceans. ( Confirmed Dr. Lupson, “We are launching incentivized models to rid our oceans of the enormous glut of discarded plastic and nano fibers. “As investors, we must do WELL by doing GOOD!” exclaimed Waz.

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Case Study — Solar and Sea Water to a Battery to Electricity and Fresh Water

Gunter Pauli, author of 40 books that includes children’s literature and best-selling The Blue Economy: 10 years – 100 innovations – 100 million jobs express the ultimate aim.  That a “Blue Economy business model will shift society from scarcity to abundance with what is locally available”. As an economist, serial entrepreneur, and founder of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) and a public speaker without peer, Pauli mesmerized the audience on par with a Shakespearean actor, with his inspiring call to action speaking about his unparalleled vision for Porrima, his experimental ship that runs primarily on renewables: solar, wind, and hydrogen power. (

Nova Wallet‘s Louis-James Davis added to the discussion lending his expertise and a riveting keynote with topics including supply chain asset provenance, digital identity, digital health and financial inclusion for the under-banked, under-identified population of the world, while discussing how financial inclusion can empower inspirational transformation of the world through infinite possibilities in the circular economy. 

With heart-wrenching documentaries by Ecoflix ™, CEO David Casselman shared “We are the world’s first non-for-profit media and distribution platform. Our mandate is to save and protect the planet’s biodiversity, flora and fauna. Because they cannot speak for themselves, hear us Roar!”. 

Engaging panels were moderated by industry leaders such as the eloquent Farzam Kamalabadi, President of Future Trend Group, David Gibson-Moore, CEO of Gulf Analytica, Kristin Connell of Rewired Mind, and Tree Of Life Founder and Chairman Hadi Al Alawi. 

Distinguished keynote speakers included Lord Nat Wei of ShoreditchAli Al Baqali, CEO of ALBA, Angel Xunxiao Wang, Co-Chairwomen CC Forum Middle East, Louis-James Davis, CEO of NOVA Wallet, Johan Eliasch, Recipient of the prestigious Award for ‘Protecting the Endangered Rain Forests’, Her Royal Highness Queen Prof Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie MBA, of Indonesia, and Yewande Austin, with her inspiring “Appreciating Assets: Investing in People” message of hope and love for the audience, which included a live music performance. 

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While Texting, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Clubhouse are the next generation go-to platforms for real time communication; the CC Forum replaces Facebook with much needed ‘Face Time’!  A combustion of ideas collectively ignites in a petri dish of social immersion. Abundant opportunities for immediate integration and activation are in the offing,” confirms Micky Watkins, CEO of World, “Our network is where everyone, everywhere will be connected. Utilizing underground, ground-level and high-flying Zeppelins, this is the first mobile network to carry a signal ‘Everywhere!’.  It is built on blockchain and serves the sharing economy”.  

Channeling the 16th century proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, Mr. Studennikoff curates a program with his Forum that is both constructive and encourages ample social engagement. Guests are feted while imbibing the finest artisanal wines in a calendar of posh receptions, commencement to a closing black tie gala that featured a menu of truffle soup, grazed octopus, and a creative flair presentation by chef Yann Bernard Lejard, Ritz Carlton’s Michelin-starred Chef. Riveting performances by pianist Jiri Kollert and Richard Kollert, a 13-year-old child prodigy complemented by an operatic rendition from ‘Porgy and Bess’ by social impact maven and performer Yewande Austin of the Change International kept guests in top form for solving the world’s most perplexing problems.

‘Yes, extinction is forever.  The CC Forum is to arrive at fully integrated conservation initiatives using net zero innovation. By connecting society’s concentric circles, all living beings are poised to benefit now and into a distant future. Simply stated ‘net zero’ refers to an achievable balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere,” said Larry Lee, GCAP Chairman. “We are collectively forging a clear path ahead and in spite of formidable obstacles, our species can and will overcome,” says Shambhu Pokharel, founder of CEO Club Global.   

“We are bracing ourselves to tackle head-on a sweeping agenda that explores and subsidizes Economic, Environmental and Ecological advances on a local to planetary scale,” said Melinda Woolf, Future of Humanity Founder, Her goal to become Green Positive in a lifetime is as lofty as the size of her native Texas.  Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest, and Wiser Earth is invited to participate in the CC Forum’s next edition, slated to unspool in London, July 4-7, and Los Angeles in October of 2022 is also being considered.  Hawken alludes to ad hoc associations (like the CC Forum) and their profusion of causes. On the surface our goals may seem daunting. Yet, without these altruistic grassroots efforts, stewards of the planet and economic game changers, the world would be a merciless place countering what it means to be human in the 21st Century.  

According to event Moderator Sam Dale, Founder and Managing Director of College Green Consulting and with 25 years of experience in B2B content generation, computational economics, and marketing leadership, “from the fiscal point of view one of the countless things that make climate change a knotty problem and fighting it requires people living today to make business and lifestyle decisions that benefit future generations”. While small to mega businesses and individuals are instituting environmentally safe advances in technology, agricultural and industry and many nations are enacting high carbon taxes and regearing infrastructure, “taxes on income, sales and property should be reduced”.  With more income to spare, incentives would be in play for an ‘enlightened’ population to adopt more green practices on goods and services that are generally higher priced.  

Until the world truly gets behind renewable products and greener lifestyles it will be a while before the sheer volume of sales for eco-friendly products from dish soap to alternative-powered vehicles and pre-manufactured housing become competitively priced.     

Whereas Dr. h.c. Raphael Nagel, Ambassador of the Global Union of the United Arab Emirates, stated the goals are “to collectively connect all strata of society setting a clear path for the transition to a net zero economy.” Dr. Nagel in association with Joy Malka Rothenberg and Oriel Perel of the Keter Gallery, in the heart of Jerusalem, are planning a follow-up satellite confab in Barranquilla, Colombia in June 2022.  By replenishing the forests in the region, they plan to further the flight of the ‘Dove of Peace’. The dove has been a symbol of joyful tidings since Noah dispatched one from the Ark and it returned with an olive branch indicating a future harmony and prosperity. The sculptural series by renowned artist Daniel Kafri has been bestowed on world leaders that include past USA President, Bill Clinton and to coincide with the CC Forum, H.M. King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa was honored.    

People everywhere are adopting a stance that is predicated on hope. Hope that we can undo the environmental destruction we have wrought. Hope we can reinvigorate respect for higher learning and understanding. Hope we can create new monetary systems that are fair and equitable. The CC Forum heralds a groundswell of global connectivity and solutions-based investments that are cause based. It is where one hopes we can manifest a world based on positive progress, respect and empathy for all living beings, and how to become a better citizens of the planet.



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