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Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce

Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce(PRCC) is the leading business organization in the Business Council of Pacific Trade Zone representing the interests of the large, medium, and small businesses throughout the Pacific Rim desiring to expand or open their business. Its membership is made up of thousands of member companies, as well as local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations listed in their international directory.

PRCC is a fast-growing business organization uniting over 9000 American and international companies operating in the country. 


Holmes H Stoner Jr., Founder/Chairman

Holmes Stoner Chairman and Executive Director of the Pacific Rim Business Council and the  He is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California with affiliate offices in Miami, Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Beijing, China.   Mr. Stoner has dedicated the last 33 years as Founder and Chairman of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the American International Chamber. (

His primary mission is to set up and administrate international business development, consulting services, and business relations in the major emerging markets throughout the world.

He personally managed the China National Tourism membership and the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), KOTRA and JETRO; simultaneously assisting in all other international pioneer operations of the company.  His range of influence extends throughout the 24 Pacific Rim member nations that include China, Asia and the Americas.

He has established relations with top-tier Pacific Rim government entities spearheading impactful promotions and campaigns advancing Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange.  He has advanced investments and creates transactional business plans that have mutually benefited all parties,

 Mr. Stoner is demand as a Keynote Speaker, lecturer, and moderator.  He is an engaging speaker and has devised workshops and seminars for over two decades that advance multinational cooperation, sustainable and environmentally conscious development, and community engagement. He is distinguished as an international trade expert in the civic and private business arenas throughout the Pacific Rim founded on integrity and best business practices.  

Mr. Stoner began his distinguished career as the Senior Vice President/Founding Partner of Artesa Marketing Group based in Studio City, California. Artesa Marketing Group served over 50 major Fortune 500 Companies ™ in association with their designated Advertising and Public Relations agencies. He and his partners ‘evolutionized’ Madison Avenue Advertising Business by being the first to pioneer targeting and embracing North America’s multi-ethnic populations with messages that resonated and respected cultural diversity.

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Companies like McDonald’s, AT&T, United Airlines, Century 21 and Domino’s Pizza spent over $35 million annually through his company in their desire to reach these population segments. Other programs led to expansion into global markets with fully integrated multimedia applications and campaigns. Program syndication in sports, movies, and music were also very much a part of Mr. Stoner’s expertise helping many blue-chip companies enter the international broadcasting and internet markets.

Mr. Stoner originally started in advertising sales in foreign language radio and television and was a principal in the first Asian radio station in the USA, KAZN AM 1300 in Pasadena, California.  He pioneered the International Channel on national television in the Americas. He worked closely with producers, production and postproduction creating revenue building promotional campaigns for his clients.

 It was here that he made strong connections with foreign broadcasting network executives and advertising clients later expanding into IPTV and internet streaming programs.

Mr. Stoner has served on many executive panels and committees in the last 20 years giving insights on multi-cultural international business relations and international women’s issues. He has garnered national recognition for his expertise in these areas with editorial features with Venture Magazine, L.A. Business Journal, San Francisco Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner and Seattle Times among them and interviewed on CNN and CNBC’s Wall Street Report.

He has a degree in Marketing and Marketing Communications from UCLA and is a graduate of the KIIS Broadcast Workshop. Mr. Stoner served on the Board of Directors of FutureVest Securities and Web Capital Group helping many high tech and IT companies raise venture capital and steering Initial Public Offerings in Singapore, China, and India.

As of 2007 his latest accomplishments include co publishing of the PAIG of China (Official Procurement and Investment Guide) and to handle all international relations with The Summit Club of Beijing, an exclusive millionaire’s residence near the Beijing 2008 Olympic Village.

Other projects include the launch of high-definition internet television worldwide as one of the limited partners based in Vancouver Canada. In 2009 Mr. Stoner was instrumental in assisting in the development and execution of the 3rd World CEO Roundtable Conference in Beijing focused on the Sustainable Environmental Programs around the world working hand in hand with various United Nations organizations in the field. He helped bring small and medium sized businesses into the movement and got them to support the Green Movement in the Pacific Rim.

At the present time most of his efforts are concentrated in promoting issues with water, food and travel throughout the region and helping members expand their business internationally through his network of high-level contacts and connections.

Additional Honors & Awards include Advertising man of the year 1985, American Business Fellowship Award, China International Leadership Award, American Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award. This Organization of over 400,000 Small Businesses and Startup Micro businesses in 38 countries looking to grow through contacts and business services and development 26 years as Chairman of the Pacific Rim Business Council and the American International Chamber.

Presently Mr. Stoner has been enlisted by the CC-Forum in Europe to be a speaker for the Climate Change Forum and discuss educating small business to be better environmental citizens. The CC-Forum is a well-recognized international body of intellectuals, business leaders and governmental leaders championing saving our environment.

He is a known Futurist where he spends most of his time working with young entrepreneurs with the industries of the future in all the new developing sectors of growth in Genomics, Robotics and automation, AI and Computerization and Innovation in Lifestyles.

References Provided Upon Request.
Holmes Stoner

Dr Harjeet S. Anand– Global Peace Ambassador Inter.Gov.Org United Nations International President of Transcontinental Asian Chamber of Commerce  

Dr. Harjeet S. Anand-has been appointed President of the PRRCC of India. Dr. Anand is also distinguished as the Governor of India for the International Organization, The United Nexus Organization.  A non-governmental organization TUNO comprises an international community of international humanitarian organizations, royal families, sports & cultural associations, and a robust network of global businesses.  Dr. Anand is esteemed as a leader in commerce, innovation and as a visionary in the advancement of a more sustainable future. 

Born in Mumbai, he graduated from the prestigious Khalsa College and immediately immersed himself in the business of manufacturing spare parts for the international shipping industry. He later segued into developing advanced technology at the service of improving the welfare of marginalized people; domestically and abroad. 

He is the Chairman of India’s US Asia Business Forum, International President of the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. As a proud Rotarian for the last 30 years, he is the Rotary Governor’s special aide with multiple awards for outstanding community services. Among his distinguished achievements was the organization of 38 medical camps to prevent outbreaks of life-threatening diseases resulting from a recent monsoon disaster in Mumbai. As a contributor to “Enlightening India” this initiative provides electricity for disenfranchised rural regions throughout India.

Pastor Restee Collins, III

Restee Collins, III is a distinguished Public Speaker, Civic Leader, Sports Coach and Entrepreneur. Charismatic in his demeanor, his ability to engage and connect with individuals, has made an impact, globally. An ardent student of the Word, Restee is a Spiritual leader, providing divine insight, wisdom and is prolific and dynamic in his delivery.

He is the Founder of The Blueprint Project, which gives a road map to success in the areas of faith, family, financial intelligence and health, wellness fitness as a path to life long wellbeing.

Through mentorship and initiatives catering to the whole man, Restee has helped to empower and preserve countless businesses and families.

As a businessman, Restee has worked with large national organizations as a top tier sales and marketing executive and has consulted with many small and large corporate and non-profit organizations. Restee’s innate ability to network and problem solve has garnered him respect and success in multiple vertical markets.

He is known as the Mortgage Shepherd, providing strategies and options for families nationwide to avoid foreclosure. Restee believes that investing is not a luxury for the ‘elite’, it is a necessity for everyone at every level to be financially free.

As a mentor to men and fathers, he equips his only son with the tools needed for individual success. This father of three also has over 12 years of coaching experience in youth sports and has steered his two Junior Olympian track star daughters to multiple gold and silver medals. He enjoys sharing his gift as a musician and vocalist that has been passed down to his children, who are also musicians.

Funded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California with satellite studios in Houston, Buenos Aires and ‘Art-Appatah’, Vector Int’l Pictures ( in association with, and is a conscientious performance based marketing and press agency. We collaborate with the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce (especially sustainable startups) and people who seek to experience transformational growth. We have a unique POV and a proven methodology for scaling businesses. We call it Transactional Brand Building—because it delivers on sales and branding goals simultaneously, without compromise. To know more you know what to do!


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