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From Friday, March 3 – Saturday March 4 and Sunday share an immersive experience at theBestYou EXPO set to unspool once again at the Los Angeles Convention Center– Complimentary Admission. Learn from the world’s ‘Best’ thought leaders and coaches. Each in their own lane will present a wide spectrum of insights and breakthroughs leading a clear path of elevated consciousness and prosperity; from decelerating the aging process, to how nutrition impacts cognition and mobility, groundbreaking all-natural medical devices and countless insider insights for achieving optimal well-being inside and out.

A person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBy Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent -AdAvenue Group -Forbes France -EIN Presswire at [email protected]

Los Angeles, California / The Best You EXPO ™ Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer Bernardo Moya joins the world’s most esteemed motivational speakers, natural medical & aesthetic practitioners, film and sport industry celebrities, ethical entrepreneurs and global trailblazers in inviting the public to participate in the long awaited return of the Best You EXPO, Friday March 3rd to Sunday March 5th.. Set to unspool at the breathtaking Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center an estimated 10,000 attendees, VIP Guests, participants, exhibitors and speakers are invited to immerse themselves in a high powered, rejuvenating and rich networking experience.

Previous program highlights have included Marisa Peer, Dave Asprey and Les Brown among thousands taking center stage in an incomparable space. David ‘Leveling Up Your Company‘ Chametzky, Record Producer and Songwriter Fernando Garibay, Michelle Patterson CEO of Touchpoint LLC serving as a worldwide conduit for connecting communities, mentoring, education, and financial support for their members in over 200 countries, renowned sports agent Leigh Steinberg, who represents this year’s Super Bowl Champion and MVP, Patrick Mahomes and is credited as the inspiration for Tom Cruises role in the 1996 romcom ‘Jerry Maguire’. Also on the dais is Sara Davidson, New York Times Best Selling author ‘Loose Change’, Greg S. Reid world-renowned speaker, filmmaker and founder of ‘the Secret Knock and the ‘Oz’ behind the E! Entertainment curtain Larry Namer. “Mr. Moya and the cadre of participants have created an event that is on the leading edge of life changing inspiration for anyone who finds themselves within their sphere of influence,” confirms Diane Kelly, of Malibu based DK Productions.

The Best You EXPO is extending complimentary admission to all guests. The creators promise to take attendees on a deep dive with interactive panels, life altering workshops, positivity training led by 150 inspiring speakers on nine stages and with over a hundred exhibitors. Guests are invited to engage with speakers representing sectors that include business leadership, entrepreneurship, woman empowerment, beauty within and out, intelligent finance , neuroscience , fitness and future based philosophy.

Attendees will sample the latest in deeply discounted nutritional products and engage new clients and customers. New aesthetic and natural beauty products will be launched. Laser edge technology will be demonstrated, food and beverages sampled, and guests will meet with esteemed authors and thought leaders. With photo opportunities at every turn guests will meet the media and press. Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google Play and ‘Living Your Best Life’ on KXLA is providing editorial coverage along with the Los Angeles Tribune, Jessica Abo of Entrepreneur Magazine, William Kidston – 3 Time Emmy Photographer and VIPictures/AdAvenueGroup, an award-winning global news aggregators. Space for exhibitors and a limited number of All-Access VIP passes are still available. There are a limited number of time slots remaining for speaking engagements, as well, on the 9 stages. Carpe Diem!

Deservingly many of those speaking at the Best You EXPO are leaders in an ever evolving globally conscious community. Representing a wide spectrum of motivational speakers and on-air personalities the prevailing message is ‘people need not be paralyzed with fear, anxiety and resistant to change that are even more prevalent than ever before after a two-year time out’. Moya posits, ‘With a constant bombardment of info, factoids and noise we forget to listen to our inner selves. We become content with our discontent. I want to be the catalyst to enable people on their path to their “Best You”! We encourage our guests to jump lanes and embrace their greatness within!”

“We embrace a unique approach to the more conventional wellness expos that have proliferated throughout the nation and beyond. “Ours is a comprehensive and fully integrated agenda. Find out how countless visionaries, entrepreneurs and startups have found abundance, new intention and business benefits from participating in The Best You Expo’s” Our glowing endorsements include improved skill sets, which are requisite in moving your business and aspirations forward while lifting the weight of hopelessness and gloom. Join like-minded individuals that are committed to being their best selves and are generously sharing their knowledge with the world. Let’s Go!”, Moya insists.

Our dedicated and caring speakers and coaches are set to provide guidance to connect you with your goals and intentions, instruct you in listening to what your body is saying and propose individualized guidance in breakout workshops, tailored to your needs and objectives. Our entire protocol is to assure guests achieve the success they are seeking,” confirms Alexandra Soltan, Operations and Compliance, London The Best You Corporation Inc..

Saturday and Sunday March 4 and 5 will focus on how science is at the nexus of elevated consciousness, woman empowerments, a yoga and meditation arena, an inspiration zone , from passion to profit, the role of men in today’s society, consciousness and yes “Love”. As we continue to evolve ancient traditions meet the most groundbreaking advances in human interaction. Guests will experience a unique formula to achieve personal financial freedom, optimal wellbeing, and nourishing longevity for life! From center stage, knowledge will be shared to arrive at our best selves. Under the guidance of esteemed speakers, thought leaders and life coaches; guests will explore and immerse themselves in past, present and future traditions as they relate to the wellness of the mind, body and spirit. “We remain undaunted that we can make a better world,” confirms Moya.

Photo Caption : A VIP Press Reception was held at the Beverly Hilton on Monday , February 6. Proving to be an incomparable experience among those in attendance were Sir Kaya Redford, Dr Zain Kadri, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon in association with Dr. Dana Churchill of the Churchill ‘Functional Medicine and Aesthetics’ Center, Event Reporter April Sellers, filmmaker Dumi Sani, of ‘Love Heals the World’, Rodney and Wendy Brown advancing affordable and eco-friendly housing in association with and Marlena Martin of Woman of Achievement.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”—Rachel Carson, biologist, author.

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