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We are inviting our Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce Members team of correspondents to submit original news reports and media alerts that we are confident will be information that is useful, accurate and informative.  We encourage you to re-post these news items on your online platforms.

The articles published have been edited and revised to fit within our editorial guidelines.  That is,  to provide the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce Membership, (comprised of twenty four nations and representing over 400,000 sole proprietors)  with the news that is compelling and serves to enhance the connectivity between people that are pursuing their dreams and making a  living doing so.  Articles appearing in this website are either original reportage or syndicated and have been vetted by Mr. Holmes Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the Pacific Rim Business Council.  Best attempts are made to provide objective reporting that does not adhere or advance any political line, religious persuasion or advance any sovereign nation over another.   Our goal is to enhance and further a dialogue among peoples around the globe.

The articles printed are arbitrated by Mr. Holmes Stoner. Mr. Stoner, a resident of Marina del Rey, California and a esteemed Ambassador-at-Large throughout the Pacific Rim’s twenty-four member nations.  He is the adoring father or two exceptional young adults.  One is a member of the medial and legal staff of the United States Military and the other is a former Miss Asia International and featured in several critically acclaimed feature films at the tender age of 19.  Mr. Stoner is the husband of a woman who arrived in California thirty years ago. She had garnered acclaim as a chanteuse in her native city of Guangzhou, China and came to America’s shores to further her ascendancy as an entertainer on stage and screen.  Mrs. Stoner went on to found several clinics throughout Los Angeles and has pursued a successful career in the advancement of ancient healing arts and as a respected acupuncturist. 

As a standing member of the Pacific Chamber of Commerce you and your associates and colleagues are invited to share with your fellow member’s stories of your achievements, developments in your business, insights on how to improve engagement with other businesses, clients and customers.  You may also use the Pacific Rim CC website as a platform to advance and circulate information that is intended to advance environmental conservation, cultural interchange and robust trade with participating members. 

Submit your media alerts, press releases, stories, insights or news of your achievements in a Word form document.  Limit your submission to less than 400 words.  Also attach a jpeg or photo or illustration and a headline.  Include your company logo or trade mark and submit a publishing fee of $25.USD.  Your article will be featured on the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce website within 48 hours after receipt and in some cases aggregated on AdAvenueGroup’s news and media outlets  and publish, proprietary websites and downline of 1.8 editors, reporters, bloggers and influencers for an additional optional fee. 

Email to  Attention Cristiane Roget, Senior Editor


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