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Miami Crypto Experience – A Coming Out Party For Digital Currency

A pinspot Cristiane Roget_Covid Head Shot.jpgSubmitted by Cristiane Roget. Sr. Correspondent, AdAvenueGroup- Forbes France

Once chided as a tool for nefarious types, wonks and reckless speculators, crypto currency is entering the mainstream. Trust based , peer to peer transactions have become one more iteration of a world grappling with catastrophic disruption. Many believe that the exchange of digital tokens rather than relying on the cronyism between the wolves of Wall Street , big banks , mega conglomerates and complacent governments is set to upend the global financial system, to paraphrase Erin Griffith, New York Times Business Writer in the April 15,2021 edition.

Companies that attended the recent Miami Crypto Experience April 21-23 such as Levolution, Inc. with Patrick Schmitt at the helm describes the company as “an all in one tokenization platform that creates , launches , markets and optimizes token offerings”. They are currently creating a campaign, “to assist families struggling to meet exorbitant rents with crypto based financing for the purchase of pre-assembled modular homes”. The financing of affordable housing with crypto currency bodes as another two-fold game changer. Mandala Exchange has entered the mainstream as “a leading digital asset trading platform with the largest liquidity pool in the world. We make it easy for everyone to trade crypto currency in a secure compliant manner.” states Joe Riordan, Esquire President of Mandala.

Miami Crypto Experience  Bruno  v1 vipictures.jpg

Among 45 exhibitors premiere Miami Crypto Experience; here was a robust gathering that billed itself as ‘a fully immersive and interactive event. The gurus and founder’s of the Miami Crypto Experience Bruno Sessions, Wayne Marcel, Sergio Rodriguez, Eryka Gemma, Demitrius Woody, Marcelo Sardina, and Ambioris “Bean” Rivera , Founders of the Miami Crypto Experience are planning another iteration to coincide with Miami Swim Week, July 6 and 7 with a gala reception and all day wellness and rejuvenation workshop highlighting inspirational and ethical fashion runway shows .


 The charming leader of the pack, Bruno Sessions said with an enigmatic smile, “This is not a run of the mill trade show. We have the keynote speakers – check and 30+ breakout workshops, check. However, our overriding aim is to create a shared community for people who believe we can create business autonomy erasing class divides and borders. Our’s is a mission based on a system of trust and shared humanity. Our aim is to impart knowledge on all levels including workshops on trading, mining, beginner basics (English and Spanish), DeFi, NFTs, business solutions, and more.”


“The Miami Crypto Experience that unfurled in the bustling Miami Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center surrounded by the glint of bitcoin and Biscayne Bay is a destination of high-end shops, fine dining eateries while offering a quiet reprieve from the crush of South Beach tourists”, observed Nick Betancourt , event Public Relations maven.

Anticipation of Youa Group’s , a global conglomerate of diversified Corporations attended the confab prospecting for investment opportunities in the crypto community. Their attendance demonstrated a rising appetite to collaborate in the acquisition or in investing their assets in the leisure, entertainment, video game and cinema realm. They are planning to release their crypto scripted reality show ‘Pumping Time’ (working title) in the USA market. The first outing in the USA was in evidence by the ‘red carpet’ courtesy extended to Ms. Ren specifically and the entire guest list of attendees were nothing if not ‘very important people’. Miami Crypto Experience

Miami Crypto Experience  Bruno vipictures Money shot 2.jpgYoua Group, LLC .Vice President, Yuting Ren enthused that “On the advice of Vipictures Public Relations and Holmes Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council , we opted to attend the Miami Crypto Experience at the 11th hour. The event , with the goal of ‘Educating Through Experience’ unspooled in pitch perfect surroundings, “with flair and genuine hospitality that makes most A-list events pale in comparison”, according to Jonathan Thomas Evans of Monogram Travel, a worldwide luxury concierge consultancy and agency.

T}he milestone event with numerous exhibitors, nightly confabs , a private Rick ‘the Port of Miami2’ Ross premiere party, a four course gourmet meal in a hidden room boasting melt in your mouth sustainable salmon and exploding bombs of Belgium chocolate stuffed with snazzy raspberries courtesy of the unflappable Intercontinental hosts was nothing, if not an instant success, ” observed Lifestyle consultant Kristen Schwacter of the Rewired Mind. In the city that Danielle Cohen Higgins , District 8 County Commissioner and City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (who dedicated the event) are vocally advocating Miami embrace Crypto Currency and futuristic Tech Investment as the path to South Florida’s next evolutionary iteration as a ‘Global City for a Brighter Future’.


NFT Yutung_ You Group_ Posche_Miami Crypto Experiencen Photo Vipictures.jpg

Miami Crypto Experience debuted a groundbreaking Exhibit as the site of the world’s first! NFT Gallery Exhibit whereby art both minted as nonfungible jpeg tokens and also tangible art for display with mostly monetary themes, included the exhibits centerpiece, Porsche 911 . Event organizers Bruno and Serge and Massimo

“We are shedding companies that do not subscribe to our 21st century business model of synergistic collaboration, transitioning to conducting commerce with our proprietary crypto token ‘Yoa’ ™ . We are developing a slate of feature films and video games that are to be financed initially by our strategic alliances and partnerships. Our aim is to secure matching funds from domestic investors. Youa Group is crafting their narrative and scripts around plots involving crypto currency while advancing the notion of how business should be conducted in the future with integrity and humanity at the forefront”, confirms Ms. Ren .

Group Image Miami Crypto Experience Group Photo.jpgYoua Group and their newly formulated Youa Holdings; currently headquartered in Asia with offices in Manhattan is preparing to move their financial hub to the Cayman Islands, where Alibaba Holdings are also located. Filings are in play to register Youa Holdings with NASDAQ that may include an initial SPAC public offering. Going boldly toward a new financial horizon, Youa Group, announced, “Our China and Korea based businesses are being reorganized or liquidated. Youa Group’s innovative, groundbreaking ventures are to be propelled and/or underwritten by their entry into crypto currency arena,” according to financial advisor Holmes Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council. 

 Youa Group is re-imagined as a Blockchain Crypto currency Investment Group (Youa Holdings), I-IT Crypto currency Exchange Business (Coinism), New Business Incubation (Golden Cross Infiniti) and E-Entertainment (Kplay Contents).


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Cristiane Roget
Sr correspondent

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