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Impact Billionaires At The 8th Climate Change Forum – London – October 17-20 – Once Again Re-Imagine The Relationship Between Business And Nature.


By Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent, AdAvenueGroup-Forbes France & EIN PressWire

London, UK/ “The 8th edition of the Climate Change Forum ( situated in the iconic Dorchester, a venue steeped in history brought together the largest concentration of impact wealth in the last three years,” according to Max Studennikoff, Chairman and Founder of the Climate Change Forum.

A person speaking into a microphone Description automatically generated with medium confidence Max reflected, “the CC Forum is rich in networking possibilities and has proven to be a highly successful, in-person gathering for sustainable investment. Past iterations were held in the Kingdom of Bahrain (March 2022) under the High Patronage of the HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, in Cote-d-Azur (July 2021), Dubai (April 2021), Monte-Carlo under the High Patronage and in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (September 2020) and London (October 2019). We received a royal greeting by the late HM Queen Elizabeth II. Organizers, attendees, and participants alike consciously remain under the radar and eschew publicity. Their aim is to let their good works speak for them”.

The tri-annual confab brings together major global investment funds, family offices, VC capital firms, HNWs, senior government officials, the brightest startups, philanthropies, and well-known public figures.

The 9th CC-Forum is slated to unfurl in Beverly Hills, CA, March 5-8, 2023. This being the first ever in the Western Hemisphere, the CC Forum will host the crème de la crème of environmentally conscious stalwarts in the entertainment and film industry.

CC-Forum Spins the Globe

Comely Co-Chair, Angel Xunxiao Wang, enthusiastically refers to the CC Forum, as it has come to be known as the ‘Green Davos’. Dates for Beijing, China and Africa in 2023 will be announced at the Beverly Hill’s ‘Green Carpet’ roll-out. A mini–Eco Flix ™Festival, celebrated chefs presenting style foraged gourmet menus, sustainable fashion collections and engaging panels of esteemed thought leaders and entrepreneurs are slated.

Other event highlights included a regal ‘green carpet’ entrance by the reigning Miss World 2022, Karolina Bielawska. She said, “appearances are fleeting but by doing ‘the good work’, ‘volunteering for a cause’, motivated by courage and compassion ‘one achieves greatness. Beyond the sound bite and photo ‘opp’s’, Karolina defines herself by her tireless work with the disenfranchised, houseless, and homeless. Can she help it that she was born one of the most beautiful persons both within and out in the Western World?

A myriad of planetary problems are explored and ameliorated during engaging sessions, panels, pitch meetings, galas and receptions, which boast culinary artistry, free flowing champagne.

Quipped next gen planetary stewards and sons of Max and Irina, Slav and Boris Studennikoff, “Since its formation in 2017 the Climate Change Forum is now set to circumnavigate the globe and complete the circle”. Given the universal challenges young people are inheriting, is it any wonder that today’s youth – colloquially known as Millennials, Gen Z (Zoomers) and Gen Alpha – stand out in a new Pew Research Center survey for their high levels of engagement with the issue of climate change? CC-Forum underwriter at Project Honeylight™, a global eco and entrepreneurial initiative helping young people learn, grow, and thrive in harmony with nature is at the forefront of alleviating planetary damage and educating future generations.

MasterCard ™ Jumps into the Ring with HealRWorld©

With a nod from across ‘the Pond’, CC-Forum’s Title Sponsor, Master Card ™, headquartered in Purchase, New York, saw their ubiquitous trademark of converging orange and red globes symbolizing ‘cooperation’ and ‘unity’ seamlessly align with CC-Forum’s ‘raison d’être’.

A groundbreaking partnership was inked at the VIP Gala and Awards Ceremony between HealRWorld© and Master Card heralding the launch of the ‘Master Card Business Debit Card’.

Together the two entities have formed an “unique and bold commitment to bolster small and micro businesses. Every transaction advances achievement of the United Nations Development Goals,” confirms panelist and speaker Michele A. Bongiovanni, CEO and Founder of HealRWorld©.

Vice President, Business Development – Fintech UK&I at Mastercard™ Derren Powell concurs, “Globally SME (Small and Mid-sized Enterprises) can advance massive change for the betterment of all!

A group of people sitting at a table Description automatically generated with medium confidenceOur strategy is to leverage this finding to help spur appropriately priced lending and investment into these purpose-driven enterprises”.

SMEs employ nearly half of the world’s population and are critical to key development issues like clean energy, water, health services and education.

States Holmes Stoner, an apolitical elder statesman, Founder of Green Alliance International and, “The Pacific Rim Business Council and Chamber of Commerce has an estimated membership of 200,000 small and micro business owners. “SMEs suffer a $5T funding deficit globally…making them a catastrophic generator of pollution. They simply do not have the resources to ‘go green’ without the concerted support of associations like the CC Forum and their participants”.

Data proves that private companies committed to ‘People, Planet and Profit’ outperform their peers. On average SME’s are 3 times more creditworthy. Just imagine the leverage these small businesses could have in mitigating planetary damage and instituting Best Practice climate protocols if funding were available? “ mused Richard Collins, CSR Accreditation.

Text Description automatically generated with low confidence In addition to MasterCard, Waskita,  Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk (WSKT) of Jakarta, India a state-owned company engaged in construction services, industrial, realty and trade, Wallex Group streamlining international payment transfers, Compact Modular Eco Homes represented by Holmes Stoner, EcoFlix© Film production and distribution represented by Aimee Anderson, COO, UpTerra™ with CEO Roland Vandermeer represented by Kristen Connell of Rewired Mind, Technology By Nature, Bermuda Asset Management, providing impact investing, Berrow-Zeice and Tesla-Power Gen advancing Zero Carbon Emission all made strides in their respective lanes.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. James Howell’s 1659 Proverb Impeccably curated by Max Studennikoff, uber impresario, serial entrepreneur and dignitary with assistance by SureFire Management, CC Forum sets the stage for global gatherings of distinguished scientists, high conscious financial behemoths joining thought leaders, family offices, financial institutions, purveyors of private equity and royalty of the European, Asian, Middle Eastern and soon the ‘’Hollywood’ variety. Each is seeking to invest, partner or create strategic alliances with the next ground-breaking start-up and philanthropy.

Guests of CC-Forum’s top-tier engagements share the common goal of raising awareness while investing copious funds in life renewing businesses, retrofitting and ‘greening’ legacy brands, scaling next level technologies and advancing business plans fill out their ambitious agenda. Unicorns are invited.

A group of people posing for a photo Description automatically generated Robots – Friend or Foe?

Substantial funds are invested for the worthiest of causes at the CC-Forum (behind closed doors and under the radar). There is a global groundswell of like-minded human beings mounting a perceptible push back in mitigating the damage we are doing to our planet, the people, and biodiversity.

CC-Forum Goals include, but are not limited, to decarbonize, to alleviate the obsessive pressure to consume, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to go green. In addition, guests are taking a concerted stand against a more insidious agenda being advanced by the powers that be.

Caption1 : Miss World 2022, Karolina Bielawska and Max Studennikoff, Founder CEO CC-Forum

Karolina’s speech emphasized the importance of ‘beauty with a purpose’.

Caption 2: Angel Xunxiao Co-Chairman CC Forum London , Frontrunner in Planning Beijing in 2023

Caption 3: Irina – Slav – Boris Studennikoff, the Why of CC-Forum for future generations

Caption 4: Holmes Stoner- Green Alliance International, and -Martin Kelly Innovo, the NetZeroNetwork, and Ankha Marza, Exec. Coach Leadership Presence

Caption 5 – Derren Powell The event was partly supported by Mastercard, and featured a “fireside chat” with the company’s vice president Derren Powell.

Caption 6: Open Reception Dorchester-Penthouse Shah Mathias -Ameri Metro, Isabel Jimenez PR -Monaco- C. Roget -AdAvenueGroup-EIN PressWire, Co-Founder Co-Modeco, Janet Pino, BhuPendra Gurung-Family Office, Miss World Associate

Photos by Cristiane Roget, Kacie Schweikhardt , Sylvia ‘Nazma’ Nielsen, Janet Pino

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Special gratitude extended to Ed Villanueva – Founder of Zrills Digital Marketing- Francois Huynh – Founder, Jeremy Fields and Michelle- EIN PressWire, Ilene Proctor – Public Relations an DK Productions.

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