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Dream Space -Takes Center Stage -Sunday-December 4, With a Multi-Media Expression by Live24hrs – Culinary Artistry Paired with Premium Kiki Libations -Literary Art and Spoken Word By Mahogany Publishing – Sustainable Fashion by Planet Fashion Tv – Insights Into Modular Housing by Co-Modeco and a Rousing Performance by Silvia Brazil at The Green Gala Gathering & Press Reception

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December 1 – 2022 – For Immediate Release – Cristiane Roget- Sr. Correspondent – France-EINPresswire, Edit Robbie Long-LiveMoreUSA

When: Sunday, December 4th 2pm- 4pm Press Open House and Collector’s Preview 4pm-9pm- Program open to the public, curated showcase, VIP Reception, and Green Carpet Gathering with program details to follow, rsvp required for complimentary admission or admissions are available on Eventbrite,

Where: 2750 NW 3rd Ave, Wynwood Miami, Florida. 33127 , Street Parking.


The 12th Annual infuses performances, enlightening panels, upcycled couture fashion, fine art as we celebrate the thought leaders working to increase awareness around social justice issues such as environmental preservation, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Guests are invited to immerse themselves in empowering installations curated by Robbie Long, “Dream Space”,an exclusive collaboration of global artists showcasing avant-garde exhibits in the heart at Wynwood’s Art District. Featuring the work of world renowned artists Salvatore Zagami, Nas Brown, Amber White, Avana, Joy Watts, and Iris Bonner.

Brandi Hester-Harrel, M. Ed, founder of two time international award winning publishing company Mahogany Pen Publishing joins creative director Angel White to share how they’re revolutionizing storytelling through the lens of black art, literature, and the collective imagination during a panel session moderated by Celia Evans of Planet Hollywood TV among others.

VIPictures Green Gala Gathering, and reception invites guests to engage celebrated chefs with demos of organically foraged culinary artistry and Kiki Vodka signature basil infused cocktails.

Backstory :

The genius of ArtBasil at the 20th annual ArtBasel Miami leads back to Charlie Coiner, Founder of Rock Garden Herbs. On a midnight run his consiglieri Jonathan Roussell was instructed to distribute pots of Basil throughout Miami’s most cache clubs with a “Welcome to Art Basil’ placard. Subsequent ArtBasil’s morphed into partnerships with PlanetFashion TV, Red Dot Fair under the direction of George Billis, New York and Los Angeles gallerist, Steve Rossi Attorney at Law and Ft. Lauderdale mayoral candidate, Steve Levine of Steady 70 / Getty Images Art, Ultra Music Fest’s Eco Village, and most recently Climate Change Forum in London and Bahrain. The next iteration is slated for Beverly Hills, California in March 2023 set to coincide with the New Life Expo in Boca Raton , Florida on March 11-12. & Co-Modeco (Compact Modular Eco Homes), Live24HRS, Vector International Pictures and media partners Planet Fashion TV , AdAvenueGroup-Forbes France, EINPresswire , Zrills and Green Alliance International invite art enthusiasts, collectors, and cultural connoisseurs to join breakout contemporary artists and captivating multimedia installations that run the gamut from couture ‘fashion’ to ‘fabulous’ at the nexus of fine art, spoken word and environmental advocacy.

Normalizing inclusivity in mainstream literature by committing to ensure black and brown narratives are seen, heard, and understood, is the mission of Brandi Hester of Mahogany Pen Publishing, an educator committed to grassroots to global betterment.

Among those exhibiting are Iris Bonner, Joy Watts, Nas Brown, and Angel White. Also on prominent exhibit will be the works of Salvatore Zagami and Yan Luis Bergareche. They will join thought leaders and visionary developers of 21st century habitats and leaders in eco green lifestyles represented by Victoria Diaz Miranda, Vstudio Inc and Compact Modular Eco Homes. She is a distinguished builder of environmentally sound habitats to luxury real estate re-modeling.

Guests are invited to taste, imbibe, and celebrate at the iconic zebra striped Wynwood Building’s VStudio and Co-Modeco Homes. “The award-winning author ‘Love, Peace and Vegetables’ and spiritual Nutrition Counselor, Marcela Benson, the esteemed Chef Oshun and Hedy McDonald, inspired portraitist and Manalapan’s ArtBasil Italian-centric dining , art and entertainment destination will be lending to the festivities,” confirms fashionista and up and coming influencer, Oriana Aguirre of Co-Modeco-V.Studio,Inc.

Master mixologists will be serving their rendition of the Signature Basil infused cocktails by the hand-crafted and award-winning Kiki Vodka™. Luxury promotion by Rock-n- Roll Tequila and 11 Captain’s Club with a branded NFT. As Douglas Hardin of is apt to say, “On a scale of one to ten, be an E11even! Get more out of life and ignore the naysayers. It’s all about crushing the day and owning the night!”,

“The dynamic Silvia Brasil, who represents indigenous artists from throughout her native Brazil will be performing a closing set inspired by her star turn at the Hard Rock Guitar , accompanied by drummer Indio Jackson,” according to Andrew Kutno of Media Ingenious Productions and Ralph Rodriguez of Uplight Miami Productions.

The ad hoc ArtBasil company and Trademark was launched by Vector International Pictures & Associates in 2010 along with George Billis of Red Dot Fair, Celia Evans, Executive Producer of Planet Fashion TV. She brings to this edition upcycled fashion by Sara O’Grady designer of Geology Couture and joined by Einath Bach ‘LA FIN DU MONDE artistic, creative and image Director. Celia Evans co-produced most recently Monaco Fashion Week and New York Sustainable Fashion Week.

Proceeds will be filmed by Jovi Eveything Dope, Chevon Bailey of Videos by Von and Senj Jean.

SUNDAY – DECEMBER 4 – 4pm to 9pm will highlight Dreamspace, social justice and art experience promises to be a standout occasion in a distracted and overcrowded world. From an eclectic group of artists who are inspired by dignity, empathy, and nature (or utilize nature as a raw material in their compositions) ArtBasil’s creators encourage humankind to act as stewards of our dwindling natural world. A MUST Attend!



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