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Carl ‘The Moon ‘ Runefelt Vaults to the Top with Team Campos C 2022 FIA Formula 2 Championship in Sakhir, Bahrain – March 18-20

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Description automatically generatedBy Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup , With Photography by Shelby Knick – Forbes Contributor.
Manama, Bharain. Carl ‘The Moon’ Runefelt, an avowed philanthropist and founder of The Moon Group, has allegedly invested in over 360 established and startup companies in the past 2 years. His star ascended even further this past week as an underwriter of Team Campos at the 2022 FIA Formula 2 Championship that took to the futuristic speedways in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in March.

Runefelt, parlayed his business acumen while employed as a store clerk to become a member of that rarified circle of under-30 crypto billionaires, referred to as a ‘whale’ in the crypto lexicon. He is leveraging his bonanza on the fast track of the Formula 1 speedways, in chartered jets and generous perks for his vast network of employees. More importantly the Moon Group is catalyzing solutions to build meaningful lives. His largesse is especially evident as a charitable doner in medical research with the goal of alleviating heart and genetic disorders in children.

Carl’s little brother was born with Down Syndrome/Trisomy 21 and a heart disease. Carl has made it his mission to lend to the cure. He has also donated high net worth Bitcoin to EB research, a debilitating skin disease in children. Without any fanfare he is known to identify families on social media with disabled children and to provide them with anonymous donations.

Arriving today at the Kingdom of Bahrain, a wheel toss from his country of residence Dubai, Carl of Swedish descent has a decidedly world view. Underwriting Team Campos, a Formula One favorite and with Ralph Boschung at the wheel, Carl is setting his sights on another momentous achievement.

He is the principal sponsor of Team Campos, one of 22 teams competing in the race. The goal is to accompany the Campos crew into the winner’s circle in 2022 or at the least confirm their ascendancy from level Formula 2 into the Formula 1 stratosphere. As this was the first of 13 more races the team qualified for the next round in Jeddah in Formula STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where the Team and Boschung placed 4th.

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Driver Ralph Boschung, is on a winning streak and predictably will qualify for an entry in the Formula 1 league in this yearlong go round. Shelby Knick, ‘Hasselblad Ambassador Heroine at-large and Forbes Magazine contributor was on-the-scene covering deservedly one of the Gulf States most popular, global attractions.

Those close to Runefelt note he has an uncanny, if not prescient, view of the future. A future that embraces a shared economy fueled by peer-to-peer monetary transactions. He advocates for a system that inducts billions of marginalized ‘unbankable’ people and bringing them into a more equitable mainstream. As a next generation financial titan he has garnered an international audience who are tuning in on multiple media platforms as he shares, informs and guides with insights about, “how they too can achieve success in the Crypto community,” confirms associate and financial advisor Chris Delgado of Goliath Ventures.

When asked to comment on US President Joe Biden’s signing an executive order to examine the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies, Carl confirmed that oversight will help dispel many of the misconceptions associated with Crypto Currency. That is, it is subject to criminality, that it is anonymous, that the only application of block chain is Bitcoin and other tokens or that it is private and only accessible to a network of users. He insists, “No matter how much oversight from governments and institutions, this does not deter the indisputable fact that Crypto currency allows people to have power over their own money. Crypto, is unlike traditional cash and credit where people basically give control over their earnings to banks and governments”. He predicts it is inevitable that the power elite will adopt crypto as the universal monetary standard, “because they have no choice. The people of the world have spoken!” Not accounting for the emerging power of alt currencies is “like trying to stop a tsunami with a cocktail parasol”.

“Innovators and early adapters will benefit, and the skeptics will be left behind.” Carl Runefelt, March 2022

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The Formula 1 & 2 Race is under the Patronage of Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and the Prime Minister of Bahrain.  The Bahrain International Circuit is situated in a storied location, formally the 3rd millennium Dilmun Empire that is described as the place ‘where the sun rises. It was the epicenter of the ancient pearl trade and continues to string the pearls with a swath of islands surrounded by azure waters, temperate climate, and stunning futuristic skyscrapers. Bahrain not only boasts its own Formula 1 – 2 and Grand Prix but is consecutively hosting the 9th edition of the Climate Change Forum ( this week in Four Seasons.

His abundant entrepreneurial acuity and generous spirit has Carl’s media presence garnering him over 1M followers on Twitter. He commands the largest crypto analysis channel on YouTube with 550K+ subscribers from around the world and is translated into a dozen languages. As he is fond of saying, “It is all for the Better Good”.

With full flights arriving from all compass points to attend Formula 1, Olivier Dupierry of Mondial Car©, Belgium summed up the appeal of attending the Formula 1 and 2 in the Gulf States of Bahrain, Saudi Arabis and Dubai, “What better place to indulge in a weekend with the “bros” than in a country where alcohol consumption is frowned upon and the local population comports themselves with dignity, generosity and unbridled professionalism? Unlike Las Vegas where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we can return home to our families with a clear conscious and no hangover”.



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Description automatically generated with low confidenceShelby Knick Photographer- Formula 1-2 Bharain.

Her award-winning photography has appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, Road & Track and other publications too numerous to name. She commented “Ralph Boschung is channeling another race champion, the iconic Paul Newman in looks, fortitude and a disarming modesty”. Boschung’s qualifying time was a respectable 1m41.000 as a 5th place and at 4th Place (Need qualify time)leadup to tomorrow’s Championship Race. Photos are subject to Copywrite.

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Full qualifying results for the opening round of the 2022 FIA Formula 2 Championship in Sakhir, Bahrain. 


1 Jack Doohan AUS UNI-Virtuosi Racing 1m40.542s
2 Theo Pourchaire FRA ART Grand Prix 1m40.683s
3 Juri Vips EST Hitech Grand Prix 1m40.755s
4 Logan Sargeant USA Carlin 1m40.760s
5 Ralph Boschung SUI Campos Racing 1m41.000s
6 Liam Lawson NZL Carlin 1m41.100s
7 Jehan Daruvala IND Prema Racing 1m41.115s
8 Jake Hughes GBR Van Amersfoort Racing 1m41.121s
9 Richard Verschoor NED Trident 1m41.178s
10 Felipe Drugovich BRA MP Motorsport 1m41.210s
11 Roy Nissany ISR DAMS 1m41.218s
12 Calan Williams AUS Trident 1m41.313s
13 Marcus Armstrong NZL Hitech Grand Prix 1m41.354s
14 Marino Sato JPN UNI-Virtuosi Racing 1m41.374s
15 Dennis Hauger NOR Prema Racing 1m41.509s
16 Enzo Fittipaldi BRA Charouz Racing System 1m41.529s
17 Olli Caldwell GBR Campos Racing 1m41.752s
18 Celment Novalak FRA MP Motorsport 1m41.865s
19 Frederik Vesti DNK ART Grand Prix 1m42.083s
20 Cem Bolukbasi TUR Charouz Racing System 1m42.089s
21 Amaury Cordeel BEL Van Amersfoort Racing 1m42.880s
22 Ayumu Iwasa JPN DAMS No Time Set

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