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8th Annual Climate Change Forum – LONDON- DORCHESTER-OCT 17-20 & WILLIAM ‘CAPTAIN KIRK’ SHATNER – Go Boldly Into The Future as a Survival Imperative

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Cristiane Roget- Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup-Forbes France and EIN Affiliate* Contributing writer Janet Pino

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London/UK The 8th edition of CC Forum ‘Investment in Sustainable Development’ is set to unspool, October 17 through the 20, 2022 at the iconic Dorchester Hotel in London’s Mayfair District. Climate Change Forum is widely considered as the ‘Green Davos’ and an investor-oriented precursor to COP27 taking place this year in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from November 5-18.

The top-tier convocation draws upon last year’s conference in Glasgow reaffirming the United Kingdom is spear heading the global green transition. “CC Forum, London edition provides a rich networking and cultural program, confirm Founder and uber impresario Max Studennikoff. “Ranging from a reception at the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Thursday October 20th, to formal dinners and satellite events presenting Karolina Bielawska, Miss World 2022 at the Black Tie-VVip Gala Awards Giving Ceremony on 18 October.

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CC Forum, COP 27 (with an anticipated 30,000 attendees), NetZero Global Institute founded by Financier, Trey Jaggers and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Sustainable Swim Week-Miami (, the International School of Humanity based in the Dominican Republic, Global Green Alliance, with Chairman and guest Holmes Stoner, will be represented at the CC Forum. Associations, philanthropies and foundations too numerous to name are uniquely aligned in their leveraging science, funding and intention to confront the vexing environmental challenges facing us all. Each guest and speaker in their own way represent a groundswell of committed persons, communities and institutions that collectively are taking on the urgent role as stewards of planet Earth.

And not a second to soon. Case in point. An article penned by Stephanie Nolasco, ironically appeared in the uber conservative tabloid New York Post on October 7. “As the world gets hotter and weather patterns turn more deadly could the causes, consequences and casualties, of climate change be pivoting even the most resistant of climate deniers?” opines Ilene Proctor, IR Public Relations-Beverly Hills.

Traditionally the New York Post’s editorial policy has politicized Climate Change as a dog fight between “fiscal conservative Republicans” and “social leaning Democrats” while serving as a mouthpiece for the later,” states the esteemed Public Relations maven. As a leadup to the very first CC Forum in the Western Hemisphere in Los Angeles, March 2023 she and Diane Kelly Productions have rallied Hollywood ‘Influencers” George DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio, Executive Producers of Climate Refugees II, Ed Begley Jr., Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Randal D. Pikett, Chairman CEO BCT Partners, Gonrav Pani President of Go Daddy Independents to participate.

The New York Post described William Shatner’s reaction to seeing the earth from his perch in outer space courtesy of Jeff Bezos, aerospace company Blue Origin.  As one of four crew members aboard the New Shepard rocket for the NS-18 mission, Shatner reprised his role as ‘Captain Kirk’ of the Star Trek Enterprise in real life. Making history as the oldest person to enter inner space he described the earth from his vantage point. The nonagenarian exclaimed “the experience left him in tears!” The Emmy winner recalled his experience in a new book titled “Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder.”  Shatner wrote that his trip to space “was supposed to be a celebration.” Instead, it “felt like a funeral.”

“As we disembarked the craft I became overwhelmed by a feeling of grief. I started to weep,” Shatner recalled. “I didn’t know why until I realized that from 1000’s of miles above the earth’s surface I saw more clearly this beautiful, perfect sphere. From the stillness of space, I pondered a planet that took 5 billion years! to evolve to become what it is today. The multitude of things that we human beings can love and be aware of are infinite. Never mind the elephants and the great predators and all that stuff. A child, your opposed thumb and fingers, the cycle of seasons, our surroundings abound with details that are only short of miraculous.

“In contrast I grieved over the damage we have done”. He like millions of others anguish over our diminishing biodiversity, the erosion of great rivers, life threatening groundwater depletion, obscene pollution, oceans of plastic waste (three times the size of Texas). “As we ravish the polar ice caps, level vast verdant, first- growth forests and decimate the planet’s lungs we have a survival imperative to make miniscule to big-ticket changes in an effort to roll back our greed and indifference,” states 5- time Guinness Book record holder Merle “the living mermaid” Liivand.


“It is our moral obligation to undo the damage that human kind has wrecked on our fragile planet,” according to Janet Pino who is attending the CC-Forum in behalf of Compact Modular Eco homes, “CC Forum addresses and seeks to resolve with private equity investments such critical issues as Climate Change, Clean Energy, bolster Government Strategies, Impact Investment, Preservation of the Ocean, support Emerging Technologies, Healthcare, Education, Philanthropy and Social Inclusion,” confirms Studennikoff.

As the Climate Change Forum enters into its eight edition this coming week, Studennikoff and organizers are aligned with a ground swell of change makers and thought leaders both home grown to global,” according to Holmes Stoner, Founder of Green Alliance International and Co-Founder of Compact Modular Eco Homes ( . “Our mandate is together we must rollback global warming, renew our natural resources, reduce waste and in the case of the CC-Forum, secure investment in sustainable development”.

“As in years past the CC-Forum is one spoke in the wheel of those committed to assure a quality of life for future generations and all those residing on planet Earth,” states Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council and Chamber of Commerce (

CC Forum organizers and attendees alike consciously remain under the radar and eschew publicity. They prefer to let their good works speak for them. The tri-annual confab brings together major global investment funds, family offices, VC capital firms, HNWs, senior government officials, brightest startups and well-known public figures to brainstorm on the ways of confronting the current crises and foment positive change.

A person sitting in a chair and holding a microphone Description automatically generated with medium confidence “Ours is a highly successful in-person gathering that most recently was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain (March 2022) under the High Patronage of the HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, in Cote-d-Azur (July 2021), Dubai (April 2021), Monte-Carlo under the High Patronage and in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (September 2020) and London (October 2019) which received a royal greeting by the late HM Queen Elizabeth II,” Max takes a moment to reflect.

CC Forum’s previous participants included among others HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Ban Ki Moon, Stanley Johnson, Placido Domingo, Nouriel Roubini, Tim Draper, Dame Jane Goodall, HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, HE Sheikh Awadh Magrin bin Sultan, HH Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa of Bahrain, HH Sheikha Hend Al Quessimi, Gunter Pauli, Michael Flatley, KGRA Ayla Aldjufrie, David Arkless and Julian Lennon. VVIP Investors’ Gala & Awards Giving Ceremony presents performances by the worlds most esteemed performers and musicians that have featured Maestro Placido Domingo, Maxim Vengerov and Evgeny Kissin.

Global Warming

Read More: Ilene also represents and is inviting Greg Palast, formally with the BBC and The Guardian and A-List author of, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.  He shares Producer credit for the October 5 debut in Atlanta, GA of ‘The Vigilantes‘ with Martin Sheen, George DiCaprio and Stephen Nemeth (who also shares Production Credit on Climate Refugees I).

“No where to hide… no shade. We Need a Tree or hand me a Parasol”, Janet Pino.

William Shatner quote from space  last week- yes Captain Kirk – poignant.

(Recent Trip to Space)

(SNL – Star Trek Invaded by NBC)

Weather Patterns-Climate Change?


Design For A Better Tomorrow, Co-Modeco We are devoting our present efforts to build back better with the recent merger of Ecodomika and Co-Modeco and Green Alliance International.  A decade before Elon Musk’s dip  into pre-manufactured housing; we have advanced the cause of  assembly line, galvanized steel, affordable and sustainable housing (including ADU’s – ancillary dwelling units), emergency and transitional housing solutions , ‘growtainers’ and customized commercial spaces.


* Ein Presswire ,


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