Leading Ladies of the World

November 6,7 and 8 are the days when the PRBC/AICC and Miramar Business University will celebrate Leading Ladies of the World through a series of events, webinars, round tables and award ceremonies around the world paying tribute to these amazing women! The Business College has over 200 students working on the agenda as well as our satellite offices in over 24 countries around the world! We will stream broadcast this over a three day period around the world reaching millions of viewers on all major broadcasting platforms

As we work on this project day to day, we are looking to promote a new set of women who have not received the attention they deserve. We have asked our global directors to submit their candidates and the reasons they are recommended. Once we have chosen from these lists, we will work closely with each of them to promote them effectively and professionally.

Who are the most influential women in the world?

Here Are 13 of the World’s Most Influential Women You Don’t Know Yet

  • Jaha Dukureh
  • Dr. Laura Esserman and Dr. Shelley Hwang
  • Christiana Figueres
  • Guo Pei
  • Mona Hanna-Attisha
  • Hope Jahren
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Sunita Narain
  • Diana Natalicio
  • General Lori Robinson

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown – Flicker – CSW63 – Voices of CSW – Jaha Dukureh

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