Business Titan – Author & Philanthropist Madam Xiaoqiu Ma Appointed Honorary Vice Chairperson of The Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce

December 29, 2020

Los Angeles,CA / Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce © Founder and Director Holmes Stoner, confirmed yesterday from their headquarters in Marina Del Rey , California that acclaimed author, entertainer and internationally respected financial titan, Madam Xiaoqiu Ma (pronounced Chow-shhh) , is appointed Honorary Vice Chairperson of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce (pacrimcc.com). A gala commemorative and philanthropic event is being planned for this Spring 2021.

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Madam Xiaoqiu Ma  Miss Asia International.jpg The comely business maven is the Founder and President of DYF Entertainment that commands a Birdseye view of Manhattan’s Central Park. A self-made billionaire, Ms. Ma’s entrepreneurial spirit and the unique management style describes the secret of her ascendance in her bestselling book Autumn Dialogue 秋言物语. “The Company’s name translates as ‘prosperity and affluence’, and DYF Entertainment is one hundred percent rooted in China’s intellectual history and Western Hemisphere innovation and resourcefulness, ” she opines. “For over a decade, many financial firms have set up business in China. They operate with sophisticated tools and mathematic modeling based on a Western business paradigm. With DYF Entertainment ™ the information highway has evolved into a circular speedway of mutual cooperation between East and West”.

Mr. Stoner and Ms. Ma’s professional relationship of two years had its genesis three decades ago when Holmes Stoner was assigned to promote and market the Los Angeles Olympics and the subsequent Olympics in Seoul, Korea. This in turn lead up to his tenure as Director of Business Development for URI Global, a Korea-Asia Centric Advertising Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce_ Morgan Freeman_VIPictures_Lori McCreary URI GLobal.jpg

The fully integrated Advertising , Marketing and Creative shop served clients that included Daewoo, Hyundai, China’s National Tourism Authority, China Southern Airlines, and LG Electronics. In September of this year a pact was formed between American icon Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary, computer scientist, an American motion picture producer under the Revelation banner and URI Global Founder Xochital Hwang. The merger will ply their trade as Rev + 50. and is destined to influence the creation and branding of new devices and technologies, according to sources.

Utilizing his inimitable ability as a Westerner, Holmes Stoner, is distinguished in his ability to navigate and coalesce Asian and American cultures, trade agreements and business styles. Holmes Stoner was an honored spokesperson at the Shenzhen, China’s Tech Mega City Exposition where he first met, Madam Xiaoqiu Ma.

Madam Xiaoqiu Ma. is a called by friend and foe alike as a force of nature and business leader non parallel. Her real estate holdings span the nation and included housing the Ten Cent Corporation, owners of We Chat. ™. Her endeavors extend beyond the real estate arena with investments in industries as diverse as Beauty, Cosmetics, Fashion, Environmental Preservation. futuristic Technology and Travel. Ms Ma’s indomitable entrepreneurial spirit has stimulated trade and cultural exchange throughout the Western and Eastern Hemisphere with ties that bind for the greater good.

She is single handedly credited with lifting 50,000 persons in her circle out of poverty with advanced education and fare wage employment at the forefront, ” according to Holmes Stoner, Chairperson CEO Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce.

Today the two organizations, Holmes Stoner of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce boasting 400,000 members and representing 24 nations bordering the vast Pacific and Madam Xiaoqiu Ma who recently established a presence on USA soil will be collaborating on the advancement of the arts and respect for cultural differences while exploring common ground for mutually beneficial business and cultural endeavors.


In her book A CEO Diary, Madam Xiaoqiu states: ‘If you rush, you put investors’ faith and funds at risk’. We have a fiduciary obligation to adhere to a higher moral imperative one that is inherent in the web and warp of our culture. Her collection of eighty-one essays details the hurdles she overcame in the twenty years it took her to secure an initial investment that she parlayed into a multi-billion dollar financial holding company.

The story of Ms Ma Xiaoqiu is not only the story of one contemporary Chinese woman CEO, but also a narrative for women entrepreneurs who collectively can enable personal growth and success for their employees and clients. A noted Hollywood producer she is currently adapting A CEO Diary into a feature length production.

Last year, , she decided to take a always risky leap into the film industry aiming at co-producing and promoting universally themed family-oriented movies and entertainment.

The appointment of Madam Xiaoqiu Ma as Vice Chairperson of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce again widens the scope of her international consortium. She has aligned herself with the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce to rebrand and launch her entertainment conglomerate. Confirms Stoner, “This timely appointment will prove to further burnish Madam Xiaoqiu Ma’s global presence throughout avenues with an emphasis on publishing, music, family entertainment and cultural interchange”.

The tools primarily employed by DYF Group are embodied in the Classic Book of Virtues 道德经 (571 BCE) and Book of Changes 易经 authored over 5,000 years ago). Its business model entails curtailing emotion and greed while developing a moral imperative based on patience and a long-term investment strategy.

Read More: PacRim CC_ Jade Pol Yam Holmes Stoner.jpg

Photo caption. Uri Global’s mandate was to brand, manage, position their clients in the Western Hemisphere with a 300 million USD Annual budget in purchasing power. URI Global like DYF Entertainment was founded and nurtured by another self-made millionaire the statuesque Xochitl Hwang .


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